Daughters of Light

Empowerment. Skills. Knowledge. Support.

What You Will Gain

Why this is the right program for your daughter
Benefits of Daugthers of Light Program


Find Light, Strength & Confidence

The goal of Daughters of Light is to promote the inner confidence and strength of each young woman.


Learn powerful skills to help you succeed

The Daughters of Light program enhances, inspires, and supports each girl in overcoming adversity, achieving strong feelings of worth, and reaching higher to become her best self.

Benefits of Daughters of Light Program
Benefits of Daughters of Light Program


Who you are and what you CAN do

Daughters of Light helps participants recognize who they really are and the royal nature of who they have always been.


Create nurturing & supportive connections

Daughters of Light helps you connect with and gain support from other young women who really “get it.” Everyone in the group understands what you are going through and is there to support you.

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"She did stand for her life against enemy and foe." (Esther 8:11)

Together let's help your daughter

Empowerment. Skills. Knowledge. Support.

If you don’t know for sure if your daughter needs a group or if she is just acting like a “normal teenager,” please call to schedule a consultation. We can help determine what the best steps would be to help her.

Empowerment. Skills. Knowledge. Support.


"Our daughter is doing very well....She looks and feels positive about life in general. She’s wanting to surround herself with friends from church that are seeking spiritual goals. We can’t say “Thank You” enough for the positive influence you have been in her life through this dark time she was facing. She’s back to the much happier daughter that we remember!"
Daughters of Light
Amy & Eric
“I loved group because we could say anything and know we wouldn’t be judged for it. I like that we pledge confidentiality. It helped me open myself up and discover there are girls like me out there who know what I am going through. I am a stronger person because of group.”
Daughters of Light
Young Woman Participant
“Daughters of Light really helped me with dating in high school and college because I use the tools that we learned to help me assess the guys who ask me out. The :creepy Guy Detector” taught me how to recognize when I might be in danger. I saw my full potential and realized that I didn’t need a boyfriend in order to love myself or feel happy.”
Daughters of Light
Young Woman Participant