Episode two of a 6 part series about girls struggling

“Brilliant, Righteous, Powerful Girls Struggle With Pornography Too”

Karen Broadhead, Director of Mothers Who Know, interviews Ashlee Arye, an inspiring and courageous young adult woman who tells her story of struggling with pornography.

Listen in gratitude as she shares insight into her story from the perspective of a daughter and one who knows this struggle. She is just like you, the girl in your community or church you admire, the girl you think has no problems. Ashlee is proof that you can walk through the deepest darkness and still be an angel.

Please consider who the 10 people are you will share this podcast with, out of the respect and appreciation you feel for Ashlee’s willingness to share her warrior heart. Ashlee’s experience just might help another angel girl who is hurting. Thanks for sharing friends!!!

This is episode #2 in a 6-part series highlighting the therapeutic programs – Warrior Women of Light and Daughters of Light, found at Life Changing Services.

If you are struggling with unwanted behaviors or difficult thought patterns find help at https://warriorwomenoflight.org/     

If you have an adolescent daughter who is struggling with unwanted behaviors or difficult thought patterns find help at https://daughtersoflight.org/   

To learn more about Warrior Women of Light, please visit: https://warriorwomenoflight.org. Empowering women to overcome addiction and unwanted behaviors through Gospel-centered group therapy and training.

When you’re struggling with hard things, the best thing to do is get out of isolation! Join with other mothers who have truly “been there.” They understand. They get it. They are “Warrior Mothers Who Know!”  

The Mothers Who Know program is a Christ-centered team of mothers who provide support, connection, training, and hope when children battle pornography, sexual self-mastery issues, or other challenging issues. Mothers Who Know also supports mothers of children in the Sons of Helaman, and Daughters of Light programs, but is for any mother. ALL ARE WELCOME.  For more information, please visit https://motherswhoknow.org/.

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